Thursday, 9 May 2013

Printed Book! and evaluation

Here are a few images of how the book turned out, really happy with the print quality and how it all came together.


In this project I intended to improve on my 2d concept and design skills, and I think I have successfully improved in these areas. I have also improved my workflow and the speed I am able to concept and paint. By choosing a project that covered the majority of the different areas of concept art from characters, creatures, weapons, vehicles and environments I have built up a better understanding of each subject and have developed a much more varied portfolio. This project was a great opportunity for me as it gave me the chance to work as a concept artist would work in the industry, to concept and design from descriptions set by designers or lead artists. I didn’t encounter many problems with this project, but I do think if I was on a master’s course I could at least have doubled the work and even further increased my skills and knowledge but with working alongside other projects I had to limit the amount of work I could do because of other deadlines. From completing this project I now onwards I have a better understanding and a better workflow to work on other projects similar to this to further my portfolio. For example I could use another book as a starting point to create another series of work to create something completely different from what I have done in this project; this could explore different styles and various painting techniques.

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