Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Torturer wip

Here's what I've got for the Torturer character so far, pretty happy with him at the moment think he looks evil which is what i wanted.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Guard (wip)

Painted up the guard  sketch i done previously, leaving him how he is at this point, may need to come back to him at some point, think his hands need to be a tab bigger but ill move on to the last character next.

Emporor Hu

After some valuable feedback today, i went back to the Emperor character as the face and the expression didn't really fit the feel of how the character is in the book. So i went over the original and firstly made the character younger, then i started to try and make the character a little more smug looking instead of a mad look. I think the newer versions are 100% times better than the original but I'm not sure if they show the arrogance, I've found its a very difficult to show! but I'm leaning towards attempt 3.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Hookmen 2 and 3 (wip)

Managed to get some work in on the other two Hookmen characters today, still need a bit of work on the coloured versions though also need to get the back views done, but pretty good progress.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Hookmen character wip 2

Some more progress on this guy, not finished yet, still need to work on the back view too. But i need to move on and try get the rest of the Hookmen done then. Four more characters to go!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Emporor Hu and Hookman character wip

Started the Hookman leader adding some colour in and blocking out his clothing properly before i need to go in a detail everything up, had to mess around with the pose quite a lot... still not 100% on it need to tweak those legs i think.

Calling this guy done for now.. not happy with the back view at all, theres something majorly wrong with it and think ill have to completly redo it, but i must move on for now.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Emporor Hu (wip)

Working more on the emperor character. Changed up his armour, much more happier with it now.. something just didn't work and made the character look a little out of place from the whole theme of the book so it had to be changed.

Samarol finished concept

Final character concept.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Samarol character (wip)

Working my way back through the unfinished character designs now, Here's some progress on the Samarol character, just need to work on the back view now and most likely a few minor tweaks and adjustments.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

More character designs

Just two more final design sketches that i know need to work on. Now i have the development work done for the character i will now go back and start to finish each concept until I'm happy with the result. Then ill move onto weapons and get all the weapons done.

Torturer sketches

Some more sketches for the last character on my list. The Torturer Mara that is in the room with the Guard and Grangers Daughter. I want him to look quite evil and sinister. The first sketch is standing out to me at the moment although i may change or add a few pieces to get a more interesting design.

Gaurd sketches

Some sketches for the next character which is a guard that is beating up Granger's daughter with Torturer Mara. Didn't really intent on drawing another half naked male character.. was hoping to design this character in some of his guard/army clothes, but reading over this part of the book again he takes his shirt off. Anyway i don't want to spend to much time on this character, hes not a major character in the book but nether the less he still needs to be designed, if i have time ill come back and design his clothes for him.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Hookmen number 3 final design

Here's the finished sketch for the 3rd Hookman character, I'm aware of a few problems with the characters that i keep noticing but i should be able to fix those problems up when i start painting the designs. I know I'm also doing a few weapons with these character designs without properly designing them, but because they will be mostly standard fishing equipment or cutting knives i will just draw them along with the characters as they are not to complex or fancy.

Hookman character skeches

Some more character sketches for the final Hookman character, I think sketch 3 is my favourite at the moment

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hookmen leader final design

Here's the final sketch for the Hookmen leader, hopefully it looks like hes got his fists up ready for a fight and doesn't look like fist pumping...

Helmsman final design

Here a front and back sketch for one of the Hookmen characters, i think I've improved the design by choosing my favourite sketch then combining a few other different designs. Im happy with the overall look to this guy now to get the designs done for the other two.

Hookmen- Helmsman sketches

Some more character sketches for another Hookmen character, at the moment I'm liking character 2 and 3 with a few other parts from the other two sketches so i will most likely combine a few different designs to see if i can come up with one better concept to move forward with.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Hookmen leader sketches

Not been able to do as much work as i would have liked recently but trying my best to get what i can done. Here's a few sketches for the Hookmen leader, ill be designing 3 Hookmen so ill do a few sets of these. In my imagination i see these characters as  the hillbilly fishermen type, or a mean big guy you would see in an old rough pub somewhere, a pretty touch looking character and a brawler. The leader is the most broadest of the Hookmen and is also described as being more heavily built so i want them to look pretty sturdy looking guys, i like concept 3 the most at the moment, looks fierce and ready for action.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Emporor Hu final design wip 2

Starting to work on some colour now.

Emporor Hu final design wip 1

Just began working on final concept for Emperor Hu, roughed out a quick back view, something looks a little odd with it though, not sure if its the arms or something... I'm also doing the back view without his cape, as it would cover most of the character which is pretty pointless if a 3d modeller wanted to see the detail on the back of the character but they cant see it because its covered by a cape, so think its more sensible to remove it for the back view.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Emporor Hu sketches

A few more sketches i finished up. At the moment I'm liking number 1 more, although i think the breast plate in number two looks much nicer so i would combine that. I'm also not sure about the waist/leg parts for number one so i may change these.

Emporor Hu sketches wip

Starting some ideas and sketches for the next character, Emperor Hu. He comes across in the book that he is vain and loves himself, doesn't seem to be much of a fighter but is seen in golden battle armour, with a fancy Unmer sword. I want him to look powerful but not in the way a character would look powerful with sheer strength but more of his status as emperor that makes him powerful. After these sketches i will do some head studies and hopefully i should be able to choose the design i like the most.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Samorol character wip 2

Just roughed in some colours, i know i wanted a deep red/brown colour for the leather pieces on his armour, i did initially want all the metal a gold colour but in the book it says the wolf mask helmet is silver so the rest of the armour should tie in with this. Happy with the progress so far, mainly been working on that helmet.

Samorol final character wip 1

Here's the chosen final design i have come up with, I've also sketched out a back view so i can begin working on that after I've finished the coloured version. Fairly happy with the overall design so far.